The AIKI Breathing Tool

What is the AIKI Breathing Tool?

The AIKI Breathing Tool is a necklace specially designed and developed to extend and slow down your exhale. By inhaling through your nose and exhaling through the Breathing Tool automatically your exhale will extend and will be deeper. As a result of this you will bring your body and mind to rest within seconds.

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How does the AIKI Breathing Tool work?

With the AIKI Breathing Tool we let you breathe more consciously. Human breathing is directly affected when we experience stress or anxiety. We start to "over breathe" in a wrong way, what a negative impact has on our body processes. By breathing in through your nose and exhaling through the Breathing Tool the exhale will automatically be extended and deeper. An extended exhale stimulates our vagus nerve. When this happens our heart rate will slow down and our blood pressure will decrease. As a result of this our body and mind will relax within seconds in an organic way.

To achieve the best and most effective results, we created the AIKI Cycle: inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, exhale through the breathing tool for 8 seconds and relax for 4 seconds. The cycle is based on the by scientifically proven breathing techniques

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How Often and How Long to Use the Breathing Tool?

Generally, it is recommended to schedule a few sessions daily, for instance, in the morning and evening. This helps maintain consistency and maximize the benefits of deep breathing.

The duration of each breathing session can also vary, but experts suggest that even a few minutes per session can provide significant benefits. A commonly used technique is the "4-7-8" breathing, where you inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale slowly for 8 seconds. This can be repeated several times depending on your preference and available time.

In general, 5 to 10 minutes per session should be more than sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

What material is the AIKI breathing tool made of?

The AIKI Breathing Tool is made of high-quality stainless steel, to be precise: stainless steel 316L. This type of material is known to be very resistant to corrosion and is also widely used in the medical world for surgical instruments. The Breathing Tool is therefore also water-resistant and will not discolour on contact with water/seawater.

Why is it better to use a breathing tool?

We specially designed the AIKI Breathing Tool to exhale comfortably for at least 8-10 seconds to calm the nervous system and help the body relax. Since the Breathing Tool is designed as a stylish necklace, you have it available any time of the day at any place. Additionally, when you wear the necklace around your neck, it serves as a reminder to breathe correctly even when you are not actively engaged in breathing exercises.

Is this breathing exercise really scientifically proven?

In recent years there have been several studies done about breathing exercises all over the world. It has emerged that daily breathing exercises have several benefits, including: lower cortisol levels, decreased heart rate and blood pressure and improved sleep. The AIKI breathing tool has been developed to help you learn to breathe more slowly so that this eventually becomes a habit for you. Because the breathing tool is also designed as a necklace, you are automatically reminded to do your daily breathing exercise as soon as you wear it.

The idea comes from the phenomenon of 'pursed lip breathing'. One way to do this is to breathe out through a straw. We used the straw as the basis for the design of the Breathing Tool (hence the elongated shape). For years, experts have recommended this technique for panic and anxiety attacks because you can breathe out longer and slower. This calms your breathing and eliminates stress and anxiety. The American Lung Association additionally recommends this breathing technique for people with tightness symptoms such as COPD or asthma, for example.

 See the video about 'Pursed Lip Breathing' below:

What are the dimensions of the AIKI breathing tool?

The AIKI Breathing Tool is designed to exhale properly in the correct way. The dimensions below ensure an optimal flow of air with minimal resistance to exhale in a pleasant and calm way.

The AIKI Breathing Tool has the following dimensions:

Length: 50mm
Outer width: 7 mm
Inner width: 5 mm
Chain length: 64cm

What is the best way to clean the AIKI Breathing Tool?

It is important that you clean the Breahting Tool regularly to prevent bacteria. You can clean the Breathing Tool with a some warm water and dish soap or all-purpose cleaner. You can use the microfiber cloth that is included in the package for this. Want to make the chain shine again? Then use a little olive or salad oil and rub it with some kitchen paper.

Which variants of the Breathing Tool are available?

Currently, AIKI offers two differences variants of the Breathing Tool: the Solid Square & the Classic.

With the Solid Square, we specifically chose a square design to make the breathing tool as similar as possible to the popular 'pendant bar' necklaces. This way you not only have a breathing tool that calms you down but you also have a timeless and stylish necklace that can be worn daily as an accessory to complete your outfit. In addition, because of its square design, you won't immediately see that it is a breathing tool. The sleek, minimalist and timeless design makes the breathing tool indistinguishable from a real piece of jewelry.

The Classic is our cylindrical version. The round shape of the Classic is based upon the shape of a straw. For years, respiratory experts around the world have advised breathing out through a straw during a panic or anxiety attack to calm down your breathing. This is where the first idea came from to design the Classic. To provide more comfort during exhalation, the Classic features an angled ending.

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