Our Story

We are AIKI, a Dutch company that focuses on designing jewelry with a stress-reducing function. The idea came about after we saw many people, especially young people, struggling with stress complaints, depression and burnout. We started looking into methods that help against this and found out that breathing techniques are an effective and perhaps the simplest method to combat these symptoms.

Inspired by the well-known and proven "pursed lip breathing" technique, we set out to design a piece of jewelry to help you with this. We chose a necklace so that the user can use the Breathing Tool at any time of the day, at any place. Before going into an important meeting, before your final job interview or maybe you just want to clear your mind? The AIKI Breathing Tool will never disappoint you.

After many different designs, samples and tests, the AIKI Breathing Tool was finally there: the first stylish necklace that helps against anxiety and panic attacks. Timeless, stylish and relaxing.

With the Breathing Tool you create peace and calmness in body and mind"

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